TRS-80 Pyramid

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Play the game in a TRS80 emulator. Click on the black console and press any key.

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Messages for 64 Columns

The compressed message strings contain spaces to pad the words out to 64 columns (the size of the monitor). For instance:

7976: 17 73 7B 4B 7B 09 9A E3 16 9A BD FB 14 6F B2 4B 
7986: 13 9B 64 1B A1 F9 A6 A7 53 73 5D C7 DE FB 17 F3 
7996: 8C 8D 8C 53 61 4B 15 F3 8C 9E 7A FB 9D 96 A5 2E 
79A6: 00 

The word "INTO" ends at the right edge of the monitor. The next character "A" is printed at the start of the next line.

The CoCo version of this code uses a auto-word-wrap feature that adds spaces to keep letters of a word together on the same line. The CoCo screen is only 32 characters wide. The strings would have had lots of wasted spaces to format for the CoCo.

When you are reading through the strings here you'll see odd spacing and words run together. That's why. The strings are hand-formatted to the TRS80 64-column monitor.


If you seek specific game information, solutions, and online emulators then check out Sean Murphy's wonderful site.