Raaka Tu RAM Usage

Game Variables

88:89printCursorscreen pointer used by BASIC
01A7:01A8tmp1A7used in decoding the input
01A9tmp1A9used in comparing X to Y
01AAnot1AAnever used
01ABtmp1ABused in lots of places
01ACnot1ACnever used
01ADtmp1ADused in the phrase decoding
01AEnot1AEnever used
01AFnot1AFnever used
01B0not1B0never used
01B1not1B1never used
01B2tmp1B2used in word decoding
01B3verbWordinput verb word number
01B4perpWordpreposition word number
01B5prepGivenpreposition given flag
01B6phrasePrepused in phrase decoding
01B7adjWordadjective word number
01B8commandTargtarget object of input command
01B9not1B9cleared before decode but never used
01BAlsbAdj1screen LSB of 1st adjective
01BBlsbVerbscreen LSB of verb
01BClsbCursorscreen lsb used in decoding the input line
01BDlsbErrorscreen lsb used for flashing error messages
01BElastCharlast character printed to screen
01BFVAR_OBJ_NUMBERvariable object number
01C0:01C1VAR_OBJ_DATAvariable object data
01C2not1C2never used
01C3FIRST_NOUN_NUMfirst input noun number
01C4firstNounAdjfirst input noun adjective word number
01C5firstNounLSBfirst input noun screen LSB
01C6:01C7FIRST_NOUN_DATAfirst input noun object data
01C8firstNounParamsfirst input noun parameter bits
01C9SECOND_NOUN_NUMsecond input noun number
01CAsecondNounAdjsecond input noun adjective word number
01CBsecondNounLSBsecond input noun noun screen LSB
01CC:01CDSECOND_NOUN_DATAsecond input noun object data
01CEsecondNounParamssecond input noun parameter bits
01CFtmp1CFanother screen pointer used in decode
01D0tmp1DOused in making index of data fields
01D1PHRASE_FORMdecoded phrase form
01D2ACTIVE_OBJ_NUMactive object
01D3:01D4ACTIVE_OBJ_DATAactive object data
01D5CUR_ROOMcurrent room number
01D6:01D7CUR_ROOM_DATAcurrent room data
01D8:01D9nextTokenused in decoding input
01DAtmp1DAused in unpacking bytes
01DBtmp1DBused in unpacking bytes
01DCtmp1DCused in unpacking bytes
01DDtmp1DDused in unpacking bytes
01DEtmp1DEused in unpacking bytes
01DFtmp1DFused in unpacking bytes
01E0tmp1EOused in unpacking bytes
01E1tmp1E1used in making index of data fields
01E2tmp1E2used in input processing
01E3tillMORErows left until MORE prompt (not used here)

01E4 inputTokens input token buffer

03FF stack top of stack (just below screen memory)