HauntedHouse RAM Use

RAM Usage (Second Floor Code)

44D9LoneObject1 if a lone-object was given last input
45ADNounDataSizeNumber of bytes in noun's data area
45AEDecodeEmpty1 if something was decoded from input
45AF:45B0NounDataPointer to noun data
465F:4660InputBuffer32 byte input buffer
4680InputNounThe user input noun
4681InputVerbThe user input verb
4682GrammarTypeThe phrase's grammar type
4683InputEntroyRunning counter ... never used
4684:4685NextWordPointer to next word while parsing
4686WordSizeCharacter counter in word parsing
4687CurrentWordCurrent word data
468A:468BPtrHoldInput pointer hold (never used)
468C:46B9StackStack space
477EUnpack1RAM used by unpack routine
477FUnpack2RAM used by unpack routine
4780Unpack3RAM used by unpack routine
4781Unpack4RAM used by unpack routine
492FCurrentRoomPlayer's current room number