Haunted House

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Play the game in a TRS80 emulator. Click on the black console and press any key.

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Generations have passed since the McDaniel family mysteriously disappeared. It is said that a stranger came to visit on that cold, Autumn day many years ago, but no one knows for sure. Their house has been vacant for decades now. Its two story image is forlorn and looming, visible only from the narrow, winding road that has been distorted by vegetation from the surrounding forest. The stone wall that encompasses the house is discolored and broken from years of neglect, its iron gate rusty and worn by angry seasons. The windows are boarded ? the house is quiet and contented, not accustomed to visitors. The wind is restless today, blowing fallen leaves in all directions. As you walk towards the entrance of the house, the wind grows distant and weak. Suddenly, the calm and silence is broken by sounds from within the house!

From the mind of Robert Arnstein

This is one of the many Robert Arnstein text games disassmebled on my site. You can see the evolution of the game engine by comparing Haunted House with Pyramid, Pyramid for TRS-80, RaakaTu, and Bedlam.

Tour Guide

The code is code-within-code. The adventure language processor commands are here.

Have a look at all the unpacked messages in the game:

Visit the room scripts to see what you can do in each room. Then visit the general script that runs after the current room has a chance to take the command. These "adventure language scripts" are interpreted by the Script Processor.

Read through all words that the game understands:


If you seek specific game information, solutions, and online emulators then check out Sean Murphy's wonderful site.

Joe Peterson has recreated the original Haunted house in Java and Python. The Java version makes a nice Android app you can play on your phone. Check it out on The "Explore" Adventure Games website.